Tips for a successful first date

Tips for a successful first date

It's D-day. Your first face-to-face meeting is planned and you're all dressed up. Here are a few tips to make this first meeting go as smoothly as possible!
A look, a smile or messages... You have a crush on each other and the time has come to meet. Whether it's over a drink, at a restaurant dinner or in a dark theater, the first date is often synonymous with romance, good stress that you must learn to manage and especially pleasure! However, it sometimes happens that this first meeting does not go as planned.

  • When the first date goes wrong

    It's a real mess. You have nothing to say to each other and finally, you don't like him more than that. Sometimes the first date can be a disappointment. But it's also possible that the situation gets out of hand. Even if you do everything right, a little unforeseen event can sometimes interfere with your love plans. This can be taken with humor (in the best cases) or with disappointment (in the worst). It's up to you to know how to take it!

  • Making a success of your first date

    After a period of being single, more or less short, you have decided to meet each other. But questions keep running through your head: "Will I like him?", "What will we say? The first rule is to try not to stress yourself out too much or worry about controlling every aspect of the situation. But also - and most importantly - to be yourself

  • Get the right look

    First of all: relax. You don't pull out your best dress or your highest heels; you don't break out the suit and forget the tie. Simply be elegant by choosing an outfit that shows you off but in which you are also comfortable. Don't be fooled, the physical appearance is the first thing we pay attention to. It is therefore essential to look good during a first date to seduce, Opt for a classic and trendy style, chic and casual.

  • Don't look for a conclusion

    Leave with a light heart and do not expect anything from this first date. There is no need to make movies, this date is made to discover the other person. If you idealize the image you have of them, you will be disappointed if it does not fit your scenario. No expectations = no stress = no disappointment. In case it doesn't fit, you can still enjoy your time and have a good evening.

  • Respect the rules

    It may sound cliché or old-fashioned, but you owe it to yourself to use your manners. Showing respect to the person you are meeting is the least you can do. Since the rules are known, it's the only thing you can control.

  • Ask the right questions

    Your goal is to find out more about the person in front of you: start with general questions about your jobs and hobbies. Bounce back on the subjects with your own experiences and anecdotes. Fill in the blanks by talking about current events: cinema, gastronomy, hobbies, exhibitions... Be a good listener and let the discussion follow its course.

  • Final Words

    We hope that you have understood that how a profile picture or selfie should be clicked for the dating platforms. You can attract someone by using natural lighting and click some good pictures with your face shot or full body shot. You can connect with genuine profiles by making your profile real with the actual and simple pictures with good quality and the best and plain background.


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